Our story

Founded in 2018 by Kathryn Rozanski, Vela Tarina combines environmentally friendly ingredients with an acute attention to detail. Vela Tarina’s luxurious soy candles are handmade from only the finest ingredients and always poured in small batches.

How did you get started?

I’ve always loved candles (*cough* I may or may not have a slight addiction *cough*), however I noticed that every time we moved I’d be packing a collection of half full candles. I started to wonder why I rarely finished any of the candles that I’d purchased over the years. My decision was that over the years I’ve learned more about the quality (or lack thereof) of ingredients that are used in our candles, cleaning supplies and food. Additionally, I’d get bored of the same scent after a few days to a week. The normal solution to this would be to just buy better quality smaller candles, but I’m Kat, which means I decided to pick up a new hobby and learn how to make my own candles to ensure that I know exactly what type of ingredients are going into them. Well, I ended up falling in love with the art and science of the candle making process and thus Vela Tarina’s Signature Collection was born.

Our growing family – my amazing supportive husband, Gary, and our two fur babies, Tiger-Lily and Mucca.

The Signature Collection consists of 20 oz soy candles that are comprised of three layers that will take you on a blissful aromatic journey. Each layer is equivalent to a smaller candle (approx. 7 oz each) to ensure that by the time you’re ready for a new scent you’re just finishing up the previous scent. Of course, I couldn’t just pick any three scents, hand picked to take you on a journey through a specific story as enjoy this candle! The Signature Collection candles were my inspiration for the name of my company, Vela Tarina, and what inspired this amazing adventure. Vela is Spanish for “Candle” and Tarina is Finnish for “Story”, each of the candles in this collection tells a story as you flow through each of the layers.

What ingredients are in your candles?

All of my candles are created with only the finest ingredients and hand poured with love by yours truly. After extensive research, I hand selected each component of these candles with my family (furry babies too) and our planet in mind. There are many different types of waxes, wicks and fragrances to pick from with equally as many manufacturers of each of these components.

The wax I selected is derived from a safe and sustainable plant based resource, more specifically my wax is entirely soy (soybean) based. Initially, I wanted to tell you that my wax is “100% Soy”, however my attorney informed me that if I were to say “100%” that would be considered misleading. Of course this made me wonder if I had mistakenly selected a lower quality soy wax than I thought since I’ve purchased candles from small businesses in the past that claimed 100% Soy, therefore I did what any normal person would do…OK fine, what Kat would do, I reached out to my wax manufacture to inquire further about their wax and the ingredients that they use. I learned a lot and I’m extremely pleased in my selection, so it turns out that “100% Soy” isn’t a thing, regardless of which brand soy wax is selected because if it was 100% it wouldn’t be wax. So in case you’re wondering, in order for soybeans to become candle wax which is liquid at high temperatures and solid at room temperature, they first need to be turned into soybean oil (liquid at room temperature). Then, the soybean oil is reacted with hydrogen using a process called hydrogenation which changes the soybean oil (liquid at room temperature) into soy wax (solid at room temperature). Since this process is introducing an additional ingredient, hydrogen, into the final product it’s not 100% soy. Additionally, most candle wax manufacturers add additives to their waxes to assist with better glass adhesion, smoother tops, lower melt points etc. – these additional ingredients aren’t always soy based and often times can be derived from paraffin. So, even though I legally can’t tell you my wax is “100% Soy” I can confidently tell you that my wax is in fact soy(bean) based including the additives. 

The wicks are lead-free cotton core wicks that are primed with a vegetable based wax coating. For context, the majority of cotton wicks that are available on the market are primed with a paraffin based wax coating. 

Finally, every fragrance used in each of our candles are all phthalate free.